A Plant A Day Till Spring – Day 1 – Snowdrops

Great idea how to wait for Spring Solstice.


Today is the winter solstice… Today marks the beginning of Winter… To celebrate the occasion… I am dropping the first post of what I hope becomes an annual series… Each post will be devoted to keeping the cold winter days warm through daily doses of the garden… Now… I don’t know about you… But I get pretty depressed during the cold winter months… One of the few things that gets me through this time of year is dreaming of the flowers of spring… This year I have decided to share those dreams with the rest of you…

“A Plant a Day till Spring” will highlight one plant a day, starting on the winter solstice (December 21, 2013)… And ending on the vernal equinox (March 20, 2014)… If all goes to plan I will be starting with old Snowdrop photos from 2013… And ending with new photos of Snowdrops in 2014… This year winter is 89 days……

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Winter is coming


Tell me
How to hug you
Kisses are freezing and falling down
Into half way to you

Winter is coming

Tell me
How to heat you
Kisses are freezing and tinkling
Into flowers of frost from you

Winter is coming